New Clients

You will find that this work is life-changing, from the physical ways of posture and alignment, to how you move and your understanding of more inherent and anatomically correct movement patterns. Sessions invite an education and development of self-perception. This is a process of self-discovery that works directly with the body, and yet has profound insights in the domains of all human lives—psychologically, vital resourcing, emotional wholeness, mental well-being, and always a deeper sense of God, the Mystery, some Resource of a Greater Blessing.

Thank you for your interest, and please feel welcome to email, ask questions or begin a discussion about the nature of this work.

Session Details

About my sessions

  • Sessions are scheduled for Monday through Friday, beginning 9:15am through 3:15pm.
  • Payment preferred by cash, check, or Venmo (Rebecca-Coursey-1).
  • Receipts given for insurance or HSA Accounts and personal records.

Please contact me directly to schedule a session.


Session Fees

Ages Price Duration
Adult (18+) $205 100 min
First Session Adult (18+) $260 120 min
Adolescents (13-17) $175 75 min
Youth (8-12) $100 45 - 60 min
Children & Infants (0-7) $75 25 - 45 min

Get in touch.

Please call or write if you would like more information or to schedule a session. You can read more about my sessions or explore my blog.

Thank you so much for your time, your interest and your willingness of heart to grow!

✌️ Rebecca Coursey