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Professional Credentials

Here are some of my professional credentials:

  • Board Certified Rolf Method of Structural Integration, IASI (International Association of Structural Integration).
  • Rolf Method of Structural Integration, Guild Graduate 2005; lineage, the late Peter Melchoir, David Davis, Nilce De Silvera.
  • Brennan Healing Science Therapist, Advance Energy Healing, graduate Barbara Brennan School of Healing, 2003; 4 year professional program.
  • Completion Certification Rolf Movement Training, Dr. Ida Rolf Institute, October 2021. Gratitude to significant teachers Kevin Frank and Caryn McHose.
  • Visceral Manipulation and Neural Manipulation studies, certification program. TA, through Barral Institute, 2009 through current. VM1 - VM6, NM1 - NM4.
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy studies, certification program, TA, through Upledger Institute. CST 1 - ADV 1, Body Alchemy 1, 2 (specializing in Trauma remediation) and Clinical Applications with PTSD/TBI emphasis with Dr. Chas Perry, 2012 through current.
  • De-Armoring Intensive, Sweet Medicine Sundance Path, Work based on Reich's work in combination with traditional Native American and Nagual Healing Practices-Purification, 2003.
  • Reiki Master/Teacher 1998.
  • Assorted studies, workshops, retreats and sessions in: Feldenkrais Movement; Alexander Method; Continuum, Five Rhythms, Authentic Movement; Pathwork Spiritual Psychology; Tantra with Margot Anand; Pilates; Yoga; Human Sexuality, Psychology, and Spirituality (certification program 2001); Spiritual Transformation and Soul's Evolution; Merkaba Meditation; Astrology Tarot Reading (certification 2001); Sweat Lodge, Past Lives and Multiple Dimensional Realities; Depth Psychology (especially Body Psychology and Women's Work with Marion Woodman); Shadow Exploration and Deep Inner Work at BBSH, various workshops throughout and most significantly with the late Dr. Brugh Joy and Carolyn Conger, PhD.
  • Meditation Practice Vipassana since 1996.
  • BA Liberal Arts, St. John's College, Santa Fe, NM 1982. This is a unique classical education based on Socratic Methods of Inquiry, study of the classical writings in Western Civilization, Philosophy, Ancient Greek, French, Science, Math, Music and the questions of Human Life. Senior Essay based on exploration of ideas of Self of Descartes and Wittgenstein. Later graduate studies strongly influenced by Carl Jung and Mathematics!
  • Past Profession, Teacher of Mathematics from 1982 through 1994, grades 6 through 12, including AP Calculus.

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