Working with children.

Sessions with children are a pleasure for all of us! Usually we play with some toys, roll balls, maybe read a book. In the right way and at the right time when the child feels safe, I am able to place my hands on her or him to help the body make an adjustment. It happens very quickly with their young bodies. I easily make adjustments to align the feet, hip, ribs and torso, neck and head.

The children find here a creative place of play, magic and some body work. Sometimes there are unresolved issues from birth that show up in the cranial sacral rhythm or structure of the body. With a gentle touch or following the cranial sacral rhythm, I can help the child's body adapt. It's supportive work for the growing body as well as a unique experience of play, of a "doctor type" of person who is different from the allopathic model. Toys like the skeleton and others allow us to talk about their body and what life is about!

Parents are always here for these sessions, joining the dynamic of play, of a "hanging out" and enjoying being with their little one. Sessions are 20 to 45 minutes in length. Schedule a session for your child or continue reading to learn more.


As children get older, they begin to enjoy being on the table and soaking in relaxing massage-type touch. Sometimes they will sleep! Other times they talk, roll, lay down for several minutes and then get up. They show me how to help their bodies grow, adjust and align. Sessions look different for different children. I adapt to their way of learning, moving and absorbing effective work.

Parents are always present, sometimes participating or perhaps reading or napping on the sofa or just watching. Sessions last about 45 minutes.


Our youth will often truly enjoy rest and bodywork so these sessions are usually done with them on the healing table. Quite often the body at this age is rapidly growing. Children really do have "growing pains". Their legs hurt because the bones grow more quickly than the tendons or ligaments can stretch. This work can help the body adjust throughout. Sometimes an injury has affected structure. Some children come for help with a social or learning issue. By this age, children will often enjoy the "time out" to rest and appreciate help with their growing bodies.

Sessions can assist elementary school-age children with learning issues like reading, math or social skills. Something usually corrects in the body so they begin to perform better and fit in better socially. This work can be adjunctive to physical or other therapy. By working directly with the body, we work directly with the issues. Cranial Sacral therapy constructively helps the brain organize for learning and behavioral development.

Parents are always present for work with children under about age 9. For the older child, the decision is based on many factors, including driving schedules! It depends on the individual child and family. Please know that you are welcome to be here! Sessions are about an hour.


The adolescent body is going through significant changes. Usually a Three Series or a Ten Series works well to build trust and bring peace and understanding of the deep changes in their growing bodies and about who they are in life. The studio is often a safe place for our adolescents to talk about school, their dreams, friends, and family. Their bodies are so quickly growing that they are often tired (sometimes literally exhausted) from the great demands of school, sports and family life. I provide a unique way for adolescents to begin a therapeutic process that supports their own lives in who they are.

Quite often adolescents have structural issues, such as knee pain, due to the rapid growth and hormonal changes. Other adolescents have injuries from sports or other accidents, including physical or psychological trauma. This work begins to resolve these patterns and support natural growth and health. The most essential ingredient here is the development of rapport and trust. The adolescent is an individual who is becoming increasingly mature and self-knowledgeable and needs to be part of the decision process of choosing health and wholeness.

Parents might stay for the first session or two, but thereafter find ways to bring their child and fetch him or her after a session. Teenagers with driving licenses may come on their own after we have met and we are all comfortable with that. Of course, you are welcome to stay. We look for what is best for your teenager! Sessions are scheduled for about 75 minutes.

Some Thoughts

In support of Individuation.

My work supports, encourages and facilitates the developmental process of maturation and individuation in response to its communities in which it is involved. When the body is structurally aligned and moves with its proper and natural ease, one's thoughts, psychology and inner dreams all reflect this alignment. The body is an extension of the mind through the nervous system and the mind is part of the body. So what is held or felt in the body is reflected in our mind, in our thinking, and in our developmental consciousness.

One of the fascinating parts of the Rolf Method of Structural Integration and work through Cranial Sacral Therapy, visceral and neural work, is that the body itself matures neurologically. As a warm-blooded mammal, we need touch and socialization to grow, make sense of the world and who we are within it. Many of the problems we try to medicate or adjust for are natural responses of stress in which the individual has been placed. When the stress within the body itself can be released or resolved, the person functions better without the need of outer remediation (medicine). My work is a good adjunct to homeopathic/naturopathy, acupuncture, Ayurvedic, physical therapy and as a primary therapy itself.

This work honors the natural process of the body's wisdom and way to homeostasis and wholeness. There is no judgment system or protocol about anything other than supporting the natural body and listening to what it wants to help it grow, be free of pain, be aligned and move towards its own God-Given-God-Felt drive toward learning, being and manifesting its great spark of Light. I am totally in support of this natural process. I want to help you move in the process of life with as few limitations as possible. I support each person individuate naturally and with joy, and with children, am also supporting the entire family system that allows for growth for all of its members.

We all know that when something really speaks to you and is self-relevant, you will learn it easily. When something is not meaningful to you, learning is hard, trying, boring, and makes you angry. We see this in our children all the time. Sometimes it is important to learn something that you might not want to learn. Ok, we know as parents and adults that some structure is necessary. Structural Integration gives the individual that developmental piece. Cranial Sacral Therapy aspect of my work will help the youth be more in touch with the inner wisdom and natural process of growth. The more we can help each person succeed in living a fulfilling life, no matter what age, the more we all benefit as a species and here on earth sharing it with so many other beings.

It is always a pleasure to work with children and youth as they soon will be just like us and learning and growing in the world and having their own babies. What goes around, comes around. So I deeply believe in the nature of this work as it reaches deep into the body and the way one thinks, feels, moves and grows. The body is an extension of the brain and we all need natural bodywork to help us grow, learn, resolve places of tension, and develop natural trust with one another and with our own selves. This works helps each person listen to a deeper underlying wisdom and truth about life and grow from there.

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Thank you so much for your time, your interest and your willingness of heart to grow!

✌️ Rebecca Coursey