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Welcome! I'm Rebecca Coursey, a board certified Structural Integrator. I run Songbird Healing Studio in Bozeman, Montana to help people live better lives. I am a:

  • Board Certified Rolf Method of Structural Integration
  • International Association of Structural Integration
  • Rolf Movement Certification, RISI
  • Member and Graduate of the Guild for Structural Integration
  • Graduate Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Energy Healing Therapist
  • Cranial Sacral Therapist
  • Reiki master/teacher, BA Liberal Arts, St. John’s College
  • Advanced and additional studies in Feldenkrais, Authentic Movement, Visceral and Neural Mobilization through Barral Institute, Cranial Sacral Therapy through Upledger Institute

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The Rolf Method.

The work and sessions of Rolf Method of Structural Integration defy definition. This work evokes an embodied experience of Buoyant Stability, Expansive Grounding, Core Centered Extension. This work is more like Poetry for your body, evoking an ever balanced alignment and vital sense of self.

You leave each session feeling more real, more of you. You will find yourself breathing more easily, releasing old patterns of thought and behavior, and having less pain. You will be standing straighter and taller. There is a natural ease of Posture without you having to make it so. Good posture is inherent in the aligned form of the body.

Gravity is your friend. Dr. Ida Rolf is known for saying that "gravity is the therapist". I welcome you to experience this amazing work of vitality, transformation, joy and fluid expansive poetry and music for your body, and hence the soul.

Ten Series

Client focused therapy.

Sessions are received in what is known as the Ten Series. This includes 10 separate personal and individual bodywork sessions follows a certain "recipe" or format but which is also dovetails to the specific and individual compensations and needs of your body. Each session for adults is between 90 to 100 minutes.

This is a hands-on and yet highly energetic work. It is both very down-to-earth nuts-and-bolts change to evoke better alignment, better health ease of movement, more breath, better footbed, length throughout the body and spine, organized head on top of cervical spine. This work will transform you in other ways too. It touches the inherent profound knowing of self, of soul, of your deeper thoughts, intentions and motivations to live fully.

It goes beyond trying to fix symptoms. Our symptoms are the places where the body can no longer adapt to the stresses and strains of compensations demanded upon it. The body is a resource of vitality. This work helps your body unlock its inherent vitality and its ability to align with gravity, reform itself to inherent ease. Our symptoms of chronic pain patterns are always in a fascial line of limitation. As a practitioner of Structural Integration, I am addressing the symptoms of pain by working with entire lines or systems in which the pattern finds restriction and hence inability to adapt.

This work will find you growing as much emotionally, mentally and spiritually as it equally corrects structural, visceral, neural and other physical systems. You will find yourself having more energy, both a real experience of getting more done in life or competing more successfully, as well as a subtle body thing. How you relate to your life and others will change and deepen. It is a very body-centric work that organizes your body from foot to head and which has implications of deep personal transformation, self-realization, a growing sense of personal integrity, meaning and passion.

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✌️ Rebecca Coursey

Rebecca Coursey