The Ninth Session

The Ninth Session

The journey of doing healing work, like any artist or scientist, is that one's work continues to unfold with experience, practice and humility. With time, the artist's work comes through him or her and is less about the personal striving self. As the artist is purified through his or her work, the results are also increasingly more graceful, fulfilling to others, and clearly more God-Aligned, if you will. One's own ego seems to take a back seat as we mature and something of the true gift begins to shine through, regardless of what one seems to do. Session Nine is actually about unlocking what blocks a person's heart and true genius.

In the last few years, I've begun to see the Ninth Hour as the significant session around which the whole Ten Series revolves. In this session, I must finally address the deepest core issue and bring it into the dynamic unfolding of the core and heart. Since we are all human, this core-into-heart and our ability to create is essential in the manifestation of one's incarnational purpose. This exchange of life is part of the path of clearing and evolving that each person is partaking on earth. Whatever blocks the heart from love is something that wants to be cleared so that our relationships are increasingly harmonious and advantageous to others, including our own selves. When we begin to realize that one's life is but a story, a context for which to address deeper soul issues, we also begin to greet our own selves in a new way--a little more gently, a little more humbly, a little more careful, a little more playful, a little more . . . graceful.

When you first come to see me and sit at my dining room table, and the woodstove fire is probably burning brightly, you have a problem, a reason to come, a something inside of you that is whispering that you must grow again and release the old stuck pattern. Something is knocking inside of you so you knock at my door. You already sense who I am and that I can unwind you into a new place that is waiting to express itself and reveal itself. This journey through the Ten Series is similar to childbirth, and it takes work and courage to let go of the familiar-comfort-survival patterns of body and psyche which you think you need to live. Freedom is actually quite scary, because in freedom we realize that it is one's own self that has been limiting one's power. Each person has an inner sabateur who blocks love, life, personal power and genius, and recognition of a deeper soul strata. In the Ten Series, you are going to greet and connect with your authentic self in a new way. I am going to help unleash new creativity, more vitality, better alignment physically and psychologically and spiritually, as it is all the same thing. In Session Ten, everything is going to come together so you can succeed in a new way, but before that door opens, you will be going on a deep journey that is going to do something significant: Discover your own self and begin to live your own life genius with joy, grace, beauty and greater ease.

Session Nine is usually where I reach deepest into your body-psyche-soul to unwind the block that relates to this Ten Series in this time of your life. Since we are human beings on a journey of revealing and clearing the heart, whatever is blocking the heart is also blocking us from being in true and authentic relationship with others. By session nine, I must unlock what is keeping you from opening your heart so you can move into life again. Love is the most essential current. Love is really a energy exchange where two or more people give and receive. When there is a flow of energy between two or more people, we experience love, connection, beauty, friendship, joy and growth. Love is an experience of an energy exchange. When there is a block to energy exchange, we experience other emotions like dislike, anger, hurt, envy, revenge, hate, resentment, loneliness, hardness, insecurity and other patterns of self-defeat. We have mostly been conditioned to program ourselves to living in a child pattern of insufficiency, and the truth of being human is one that must accept that life isn't perfect or even close to it . . . like the first Noble Truth in Buddhism that life is suffering . . . yet out of that suffering, is really a great freedom to express, enjoy, create and love. Somehow love and suffering are similar streams of energy which resolve each other into higher vibrations of clarity, joy and creativity.

In Session Nine, I am working with the patterns around the heart and the way you shield your heart. This usually entails work with the nervous system and arms. Usually there is also significant clearing with the heart cords with your parents and the way each child suffered injury through the human experience. Hence I am also working to clear the pancreas because it is the softest organ tissue that holds the energetic of the child wound. As long as the child wound is mostly unresolved, you will continue to act out the child wound projecting it onto others, when really it is a manifestation of your own inner reality and internalization. Hence as I clear this child material, not entirely but more so, you will begin to create more from your Genuine Core Vibration unimpeded or untainted by a heavier interpretation of life based on this psychological wound. Of course, most people don't even realize that what they see "out there" is really only a reflection of what is going on "inside" that is actually part of the configuration of the fascial-structure and organ and body energy fields. Even the blood contains memory of past patterns and past lives which through healing work begins to relax into a far more even harmony for you.

Another piece of work that is part of every session includes clearing of the Limbic system and hypothalamus, pineal gland and other tissue of the brain/neural system as well. The programming that is learned through embryological development and childhood creates a template or pattern of life which can be disrupted to some extent and purified in a way that will be less inhibiting in your life. I also do clearing work with the pons, cerebellum, tentorium, optic nerves, vagus nerve a lot, and other parts of the nervous system. I am tending to explore more "blood relaxation work" now and the direct relationship to marrow, bones, issues of ancestry/soul that go beyond discussion in this article.

Session Nine is going to complete the childbirth struggle that is inherent in the Ten Series and my work. Session Ten will open you into a whole new world, like the one when you first came to see me, however you will be far more coherent now and hence the world around you will also reflect a much greater organization of purity, self and joy. Session Nine dives into the tissue around the heart called the pericardium, and the tissue of the heart itself. I begin to dialogue more deeply with the protection devices of the nervous system and the arms warding off and fending for itself. These messages were encoded during the development of the notochord, and through the cranial sacral pulse, I am moving into an energetic realm that goes back to the earliest development of the embryo, clearing patterns and unfolding your life back into your current life. Usually I do past life clearings along the way as they arise, but this is never the emphasis. I am far less concerned about these lingering lesson-stories than I am clearing what is right here, right now, so you can get on and do what you must do to move further into the evolution and completion of your soul-heart.

When you stop shielding yourself, you begin to find an openness that feels at first quite vulnerable. People often cry or sometimes experience a sort of convulsion as you let go of a deep holding pattern which you have used to protect yourself since before you were born. Sometimes there is simply a vast stillness. We are doing work that goes back eons, more generations that we can count. We are clearing patterns of life itself, negative projections we have each absorbed and "bought into". As you begin to let go, you find yourself in a place of the UNKNOWN.

When we feel that we have everything under control, we are actually living inside a mask or a program that we have developed to protect our self from the utter vulnerability of our condition. As you let go of this holding pattern, you will open to far more joy, laughter, and understanding of your self. It's not exactly verbal. It's more body deep. Like a really long sigh, like a laugh that rises up from an unknown place inside of yourself and greets you like your oldest-bestest-most-ever friend. It's your self, of course. Who else could it be? And as you greet that part of you, you will also feel it in every other person you meet.

We are really all of the same, aren't we?

Session Nine is where I do my deepest work. Everything I've done up until now with you is coalescing together. It's not that the journey is done or that there isn't something more even after session Ten. Many of my clients continue to work with far subtler issues that can be resolved in the Ten. However, Session Nine will open you to yourself, the world and others in a way that has not yet happened. As the heart opens, you will find that the life exchange with others increases and you are in the process of resolving the issue which we first discussed.

If you are ready for a much different approach to healing work, on the physical, psychological, spiritual and energetic levels, please feel free to give me a call. I work in a genuine way. You come visit and we talk and I do my art. I care about you, because it is who I am, it is my craft, it is a spiritual impulse awakening in me. But I might also start talking about tango, and then we begin the whole thing about men and women . . . communion and inner marriage (sessions 4 - 7 ) . . . God and the embrace and italian tango shoes . . . and before you know it, I have talked too much and it is time for you to go. But you are coming back, and we will continue. It's different how I do things, more slowly, a time where you let go and nurture the deeper place. It's safe here. I welcome whatever has to happen.

Blessings to you who is as much on the journey as myself, May your soul and heart rest easily and grow with joy, success and peace.

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✌️ Rebecca Coursey