Refining the Adult Voice

Refining the Adult Voice

The Adult Voice: Developing Your Own Inner Voice for Creating Your Life One of the aspects of the work I do is to help you develop a stronger and more active inner "adult" or "parent" voice. Many of us are still acting as if one is a child and the other person -- the friend, spouse or partner, teacher or relative-- is the parent or authority figure. You might feel inferior to others or that you are not able to be in some control of your own life. You might be experiencing a certain inner struggle, like wanting to break free from others around you or the confines of your relationship. You might go through waves of anger or a certain indignation which relates to your need to claim your own life and figure out who you really are and what you really want in life. Other people might seem to be imposing their wishes on you and you can't seem to figure out what is really and truly best for you. You might keep demanding that others take care of you because you are still trying to have someone else give you what you had wanted your mother and father to provide -- and they didn't There might be a certain discomfort or nagging voice inside of you that is still blaming others for your present situation. While these things are part of life and the waves of growth we all go through, the Ten Series and other healing and therapeutic modalities I use, will help you develop a greater sense of self-reliance, self-responsibility, and self-authenticity. The process is body-deep and matures the body itself as well as a process of relating our experiences of life and learning.

Pema Chodrin, a spiritual teacher in the Buddhist tradition, has a lovely quote which applies here:

"The point is to still lean into the discomfort of life and see it clearly rather than protect ourselves from it."

We are going to begin with talking about the things in which you are in discomfort, which includes physical problems -- like herniated discs, like hip problems or heart disease, like professional questions and issues with relationships past and present. Everything we experience in life is related and clusters around a central soul question of the heart. Discomfort is going to lead you to the development of taking a stronger and more mature active role in your own life, the development of an authentic "adult voice" of your own and a way to live life from a more natural position with respect to yourself and hence with others. The work is going to help you move in this direction through therapeutic conversations and through actual physical maturation of the body itself through the Ten Series and other therapeutic bodywork related to osteopathy, movement practices, Feldenkrais movement and more.

Usually the body has not had enough touch or developed in a correct anatomical way for many reasons -- as simple as putting shoes on an infant too early in life or not being nursed and hence missing essential periods of emotional bonding with the mother. These deficiencies show up in the body without a person even recognizing it because you have been living that way for so long. In this work, I am going to be helping you unwind long-held patterns of wounding or improper patterns which did not support you. You are going to be developing a new sense of strength and resiliency in yourself and your body. The physical and the psychological and the spiritual are all related and as you enter into this process, much of the "old stuff" falls away and there is a lot more space for your real self and a maturing adult self to emerge.

The relationship of the inner voice and your body will become more noticeable as we begin the Ten Series. With your very first session, your body begins to unwind its child strains and actually matures physiologically. You will be surprised how your inner dialogue also begins to mature in developmentment of an "adult voice" or "inner parent voice" that reflects YOU, Your Beliefs and Interests, and Your Intrinsic Authentic Self. You will begin to shed the voices of your past--parents, teachers, spiritual leaders, family members and others of authority--and begin to find your voice of inner authority. These "other voices" are sometimes actually manifest in your body's posture and the health of the organs, nervous system, cardiovascular system, lymph, hormones and skin too! The more I can help your body release these psychological and physical child-patterns and body-child patterns--in posture, in cranial sacral pulse, in visceral responses and more-- the more I can create space for your authentic self to arise. Your authentic self is related to your innate child self, however, as you grow and mature you develop a new relationship of inner authority with respect to your own ownership of our life, body, heart and sense of selfhood.

Returning to the basics of the body, in my work, I am often touching the wounded infant, as well as the embryo who was receiving energies even while being protected softly within the mother's womb! I am working with many strands of physical and heart-mind energy which are caught in stages where some trauma happened and the body literally shut down or went into a sort of frozen shock out of which it never fully recovered. Hence I will be touching, literally as well as energetically, places where you are living out unresolved infant, child, adolescent or young adult issues. Part of this work is going to help release the frozen traumatized places and help that strand of self-energy mature through the body and your consciousness. It's as if I help remove the dam which was protecting you from feeling some pain or which stopped because life was too forbidden, fearful or bad. Now the water of life begins to flow through your body again, you begin to cycle through stages of growth as certain strands of energy move to integrate with your current chronological age. As you pass through the Ten Series, you will feel that you are growing up into your true self very rapidly. And you are, literally! Including that with each session you will stand upright with more height, ease, fluidity and feelings of natural self-ness -- like . . . "here I am" !

The process of the Ten Series has an aspect of SELF-BIRTH. The work I do truly helps a person at any age get in touch with your own self, your own core values, and your own core Adult Voice which wants to create the life you want to live. There are many moments in each person's life in which we stop and turn to face our own self. It takes a certain amount of courage, enough time to be quiet and listen to your own needs, and an interest in helping yourself make changes in a positive way which support your deepest desires. That is not so easy to do and like Pema Chodrin suggests, we never completely "get there". Each one of us is in a process of life!

As we progress in our own life, there is always a develop of compassion for our own struggle and pain--and that of others. We can only give to another that which you have learned to give to yourself. The process of life moves inward and then outward and from that learning, back inward again. It's an ever expanding spiral of learning to accept, love, hold, learn, grow, rest, hope, live with fear and vulnerability, and work to make increasingly better choices. Every time you think you have the answer, you will find that somehow even that was a certain "platform" of strength which now morphs into a deeper self-reflection and deeper ability to be with others in some form of realness. Hence I hope to hold you with truth and an authentic heart . . . and help you grow up and find a more realistic inner voice of YOUR OWN AUTHORITY so that life can become more aligned with who you actually are and feel yourself to be.

I have found the Ten Series of Rolf Method of Structural Integration to be one of the most powerful tools for healing the body and psyche . . . and so I use that structure for the basis of my work AND I also expand into other healing modalities as an energy healer from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing as well as many advanced courses with healers, shamen and other clairvoyants. I use Cranial Sacral Therapy to help bring your body into its natural healing response. I work with the visceral and nervous system/neural tube. I release deep strains in these systems as well as the cardiovascular system, musculature and of course, connective tissue or fascial. There are other dimensions of soul which I touch as well, helping you hold increased intentionality about your own work here on Earth. I am also now beginning to blend more serious studies of Feldenkrais movement into my understanding of how to help your body unfold into a more natural and less restricted expression of self. And as a tango dancer, I'm sure you will hear a lot about that form of movement, conversation between men and women and etiquette, and other life stories!

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✌️ Rebecca Coursey