Inner Eye of Wisdom

Inner Eye of Wisdom

The Inner Eye of Wisdom healing work is a development and synthesis of the energy work, meditation and significant studies in many fields of bodywork, therapy and spirituality which I have learned through many healers, programs and years of working with my clients. Some of my main teachers who have influenced my development are: Barbara Brennan, Brugh Joy, Dean Ramsden, Pat Fields and Drunvalo. Even as a child, I had experiences and insights into the fundaments of structure of existence and energy fields, and I began massage way back then as a child! In my first profession I taught math which in my work now has still been an important aspect of how I relate to energy patterns of evolution of the self, soul and body through time and space. I have always had this sense about how to do work even before I began healing school and practices early on with Reiki, Pathwork, Meditation and beginning energy healing skills. The Inner Eye of Wisdom healing is an energetic spiritual practice I bring to my clients toward the end of the Ten Series as the body is ready to hold increasingly high dynamics of selfhood crystallizing around the sacred geometry light matrix of soul. When clients continue to work with me, we go much further into this healing work.

The Inner Eye of Wisdom is a spiritual and energetic work which does several things in combination. First, on a very basic level, I help to clear the auric personality field of life and bring all the chakras into harmonious rotations. I bring all of the vertices into the zero point of the self in which there is no time. It is a point along the line of the soul. When this point is expanded outward, we experience time and past lives. Much work can be done to clear relationship cords through the Zero Point. When you are in the Zero Point, you will often have a sense of Clear Floating Outside of Time and Space. Often clients tell me they fell asleep. The consciousness-verbal awareness may have fallen asleep, but the Soul is very awake.

In this place, while holding clearing and consciousness to the auric self and unifying the vertices and harmonizing all the rotations, I am supporting the haric line of incarnational intentionality between the earth and Divine. This brings great support and foundation to the self and soul. As this establishes itself and becomes more solid (the work of Structural Integration relates specifically to the solidification of the Haric Dimension through the development of a solid vertical axis around which the body moves), I begin to work with the Core Star meditation processes as taught by Barbara Brennan. There is also a vehicle of soul, per Drunvalo, which helps the movement through life times and brings balance to the masculine and feminine energies of the human field of life. I begin to bring alignment of these fields and bring resonance through all points of the auric field, haric field, core star, and soul vehicle. Once these energies all begin to resonate together, and I support the larger divine chakra system I'm working with (probably related to what other healers discuss in chakras 9 - 13), there is an opening into the Inner Eye of Wisdom Brilliance. I often experience a sort of geometric light configuration like photos of stars in outer space. There is no healing work to be done at this level at all. One can see the DNA replication of the spiral going on within the Inner Eye of Wisdom. Simply holding awareness to this level of Soul brings a resting beauty to a person and a deeper knowing regarding one's self, one's journey in this body, and how to move outward into this life of reflection and mirroring.

I have been developing this work specifically over the last 5 years. At first I was not really sure what I was sensing. But as my own healing skills developed over many sessions and as my own body became more grounded, clear and sensitive, I too began to perceive far more. I also have watched and taken notes on the thousands of sessions to see how this work might make your personal transformation more easy. Certainly transformational work is not for the faint of heart. The changes that one undergoes as one sheds old false ways of relating to life and others requires support, integrity and honesty and an ability to walk in one's own UNKNOWN. The Inner Eye of Healing work is designed to make the transitions more easy and relate current changes in this life to your whole Soul Life Experience through time and beyond time. In this way, I can aid the completion of life tasks with hopefully less life disruption. The Inner Eye of Wisdom healing has a very naturally uplifting sense of relaxation, peace and inner harmony. It will help you weather storms of transition more easily.

As healers are, we have often had one or more traumatic experiences in which we met the Divine in some way. Myself I've been at the threshold many times. Usually there is some moment in which we make a certain "agreement" as we realize the impact of our soul and our life here on Earth, realizing more about the sacred mirroring going on. Huge steps regarding one's intention for completion of soul or the journey of the boddhisatva arise. A knowing that goes far deeper than your personal self emerges, and yet you will find that you become even more gentle, compassionate and human. While I have much still to learn and I still make mistakes just like we all do, through my own work and commitment, I continue to dedicate myself to my journey and so bring that to you.

The work of the Inner Eye of Wisdom will facilitate changes more quickly, efficaciously and harmoniously in your personal self, personal life, and help you to re-organize your life more clearly around your soul's main intent of incarnation. After a Ten Series, I work with the Inner Eye of Healing more if you are a person who wishes to explore deeper spiritual work and unfoldment. You will know if you are that person. If so, we will share more significant conversations regarding your spirituality, your soul's path, and questions you have. Other times, you might simply want conscious support for your body and life and to heal from past emotional and physical issues more easily. Other times you simply need absolutely great body work so that you move with ease, more joy, balance, flexibility and dance more happily in this life.

And so it goes! Real life . . . is pretty simple. Dance, love your children, mop the floor, eat good food, be kind . . . be kind . . . peace . . . with each other. And so . . .

Be well... Be peace... Be love... Be beauty... Be yourself. So be... You. Shine.

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