Energy Healing

Some Basics of the Energy Field and the Auric Self

Energy healing is softer, more quiet and far more subtle than most bodywork or other forms of healing. There is an "aura" of energy which surrounds your body, supports your being and soul, and which emanates from you in the form of vibrations, thoughts, beliefs, spirituality, personality, and other patterns of life. More accurately, we might say that the body itself is a crystallization of a soul-energy field pattern which precedes the body itself. When I soften into your field, it's as if you are floating in a field of vibrational light that also has aspects of sound, color, different consistencies and pulses. Based on current chakra/energy system models such as Barbara Brennan's, there are 7 different levels in your field, each of which could be said to correspond to a chakra. I have been trained to work with many aspects of your field, including clearing and balancing chakras, fixing the lines of light that comprise chakras, working with relationship cords, past lives, belief systems, small ego self and divine Self, negative thought patterns, spirituality, and one's soul purpose and divinity.

Information on the Seven Chakras and Levels

Let me briefly describe some key components of energy healing systems with which I work. The Auric level reflects your personal self in life, the story, the small ego, and the way in which you move beyond the small ego into greater vibrations of divine/spiritual consciousness. The basics of the 7 chakras and levels are as follows:

Chakra-level 1: root chakra, grounding, connection to earth and earth pulse, connection to basic physical body, solid blue lines of light which correspond to superficial fascia and other layers. Sexuality as it relates to a more raw instinctual aspect of self and the very basis of life, survival, reproduction as well as divine essence of self incarnated through sex by parents, and parents before, and parents before that, etc. On first level of field, color red. Personal power and drive toward self-manifestation. Bladder, prostate, penus, vagina, clitoris, rectum, sometimes large intestines, sometimes uterus, hip joints, knees, ankles, legs, feet, toes.

Chakra-level 2: both front and back. 2A front opens one to sensual joy of life, creativity, sexuality in a more sensual artistic way. Expression of self through openness to pleasure of life. 2B sacrum chakra is related to base of spine and sacrum, beginning of kundalini energy at base of spine which much rise up to clear spine and help align small self to innate Divine Will. Color: orange. Vitality, core sexual energy for creativity in all domains like art, writing, sewing, dance, any creative endeavors, pleasurable relationship to life. Immune system, lymph system often responds well to this level. Uterus, sometimes bladder, small intestines, mysenteric root, dj flexure, cecum/ileocecal valve, appendix, ascending/descending colon at times.

Chakra-level 3: front and back. Intellectual self, belief systems and thought patterns which have been learned through parents, educational and religious institutions, thoughts/negative patterns related to body structure and disease/physical disharmony/lack of coherency. 3A more related to self as emotional body, 3B more related to self as it relates to aligning this personal self to the inner Divine will inside of you, about T12, which also reflects where diaphragm attaches to floating ribs. Color: yellow. Clarity of thought processes, judgment/discernment, health, personal will to health and bringing wholeness-harmony into body and psyche. Stomach, duodenum, liver, gall bladder, kidneys, diaphragm. Sometimes ascending/descending intestines. Sometimes spleen. flexures of intestines. Intuition. Family patterns/dynamics.

Chakra-level 4: front and back. Heart. 4A relates to how we connect to others as well as our own self. Our experiences of love, both in committed relationship and platonic relationships with members of both sexes, children, parents and other significant relationships. Heart cords tie into heart. Past life material as well as astral objects from other times show up in this level of the field. Past life cord runs through left neck shoulder down into heart. 4B in back relates to personal will power of the heart, manifesting actions in life which relate to the Awakened Heart. Christ works through the Heart, both 4A and 4B, however He holds a far greater dimension of Light through the Human Vehicle of Embodiment, resonates with the Zero Spot where the cone-vertices of 4A and 4B join together in Void Space. Connection to Primordial Void. Color: green. On other levels, also rose, rose golden, rose-green. Heart, pericardium, sometimes spleen, sometimes diaphragm, mediastinum, thoracic spine and ribs, sometimes lobes of lungs as heart relates to aspiration/inspiration which relates to divine will, more on fifth level of field, but clearly also about expressing one's life through the heart of one's self.

Chakra-level 5: front and back. Divine Will/self. Negative space. 5A speaking of one's truth, related to heart and soul's longing. Soul's Longing relates to thymus gland in upper chest. Throat, all issues of the neck, front and back. Thyroid. 5B relates to one's calling or profession. How do you bring your own deep calling and soul's longing into your work in life? How does the personal will regarding your personal truth relate to the divine truth which reflects your soul's longing and purpose on earth and why you chose incarnation? Negative space and void, good place to work with writer's/artists' blocks. The template for our incarnated physical life, reflection of holding patterns/negative patterning/yet divine perfection of all things, including our mistakes, diseases, injuries etc. Neck, thyroid, throat, mouth, teeth, cervical spine, clavicle, endocrine system. Color: blue.

Chakra-level 6: front and back. Spiritual connections, third eye, higher vibrations of Light/Divine Spiritual Essences, spiritual guides, sight. Eyes, optic nerves, nasal channel/sinuses, frontal bone and lobes of brain, hypothalamus, thalamus, pineal gland, limbic system which relates as well to 3a, 4a . . . limbic system is a whole thing unto itself. Endocrine system. Higher Thought forms, consciousness of pattern, sacred geometry aspects of divine revelation, consciousness, tentorium, perhaps cranial sacral pulse which is a dimension of its own and relates as well to all organs. Color: dark indigo blue. 6A more about personal insight and relationship to divine, spiritual practices, guides and energies. 6B relates more to personal will aligned with spiritual impulses, allowance of and ability to integrate spiritual influences into the personal self, optic nerves/sight, hearing as well.

Chakra-level 7: crown chakra. color: mostly intense gold-white light. Knowing beyond self. Connection to Divine, Spirit. Balances with Root Chakra. top head suture, goes through hypothalamus/pineal/limbic where vertex is usually found unless has been brought into heart center through meditation/spiritual work. See notes on Eye of Inner Wisdom Healing. All Brain functions as it relates to higher knowing, higher level intuition, Core Expression of Divine Expression. Immunology at high level, relationship to false concepts of self, sometimes 7th level mesh of auric field has tears or ruptures which correlate to disease and significant personal problems in life. Holds basic misconceptions which wish to be cleared in this lifetime, as well as personal motifs, goals and higher level insights of self/SELF spirituality.

The Heart, Love, Relationship Cords and Past Lives

I like to work with several aspects of the energy field. As a healer, I am always concerned about love, so I like to help your heart to open. Often we experience complications in our relationships, which reflect our primary bonding pattern with the mother and father. I do clear these cords of light which connect you personally and at soul level. While I do this work throughout the Ten Series, significant clearing happens during session 4 which clears the past incest wounds or familial sexual ties which inhibited self-authority individualization processes. Sometimes I will also work with your relationships with significant siblings, friends, spouses, partners or past relationships. When there is emotional unclarity, the cord connecting the two of you will appear frayed, brown or black, or indicate other ways in which your relationship is under stress. By clearing the cord, you will find that certain aspects of your relationship will change, almost spontaneously. This work can even be done for a dear one who has passed away. While the body has transformed and passed beyond the veil as we know the world, the heart connection still exists.

This existing heart connection is also a way to understand past lives and reincarnation. All of us have met someone during one's life that you simple KNOW. You may have never met this person before, yet you stand there with this deep sense of connection and knowing that goes beyond your rational understanding. We recognize and know each other by the heart vibration, and we have met each other before. We somehow are drawn to each other through the ether of energy and the strings of heart vibration. There is work to be done between souls, and what you may not have completed in a past incarnation, you will find that you meet this other and continue the conversation, albeit in a different story. Often our parents and siblings are significant soul connections. It is quite likely that in a previous lifetime you were not in the same relationship position or configuration in which you are now. By working with the relationship cords and clearing them to greater clarity of Light, the work of souls can often be aided in a very significant way, bringing with it much openess and joy of the heart. Again, this work is very easily done, even when a significant other has deceased. Often we offer prayer of gratitude for the relationship and chance to love with more openness. At times, of course, this is very hard. Hence our choices to incarnate and use life as a chance to clear issues of soul. Life is a very slow and hard medium, but equally gives us a chance to work through significant issues which no other realm would allow.

Soul's Purpose, Hara Line, and Structural Integration

Another energetic realm I really work with is the Hara Line or the energetic line of Light which connects heaven to earth, which reflects your purpose for incarnation on earth. This strong channel of vertical light supports the whole auric field of a person. The aura, with its seven chakras, has more to do with your personality, ego, thoughts, beliefs, truths, principles, abilities, your basic life story, spiritual predisposition and human wound. The auric shell is a denser form of energy, a heavier crystallization if you will, of a certain unique predisposition and story. Of course, your body is the most solid crystallization that there is, especially your bones.

When I do Rolf Bodywork or Structural Integration, I am aligning your physical body and your physical "story" to match the Energetic Line of Light called your Hara Line. Structural Integration is a bodywork manual therapy designed to bring you into better posture and easy verticality and movement. This physical expression correlates to the energetic expression we call the Hara Line. The Hara Line also passes through your Tan Tien, which is your personal power center in the center of the pelvic bowl.When your physical body is lined up with the energetic-spiritual template, then you really begin to do and live the expression of soul in the right way for exactly who you are. Hence, the work of Structural Integration is another form of energy work for increasing your alignment to your soul's purpose in life--it's the physical way of supporting the Hara Line of Light.

Divinity, Core Star, and where the Psoas meet the Diaphragm

From the core of the body, a bright scintillation like a star appears energetically for each person and living being. This core Scintillation has unique colors and bands of light for each soul. Energetically I support or upwell the energy of your Core Star. There is no healing to be done on this level of Divinity. All is in perfection from this level of being, and when we move into this expansion, we all experience a certain knowing and connection to a deeper lesson of soul and reason why that often is not easily translated into words. After being supported in this way, we will both find that the normal words we rush to speak seem silly or we can't find the right ones. Indeed, we might simply smile at each other as you rise from the healing table, softer in expansion, Lighter and In Joy, and share a smile.

Physically, the Core Scintillation finds its embodiment in a particular area of the body where the two psoas muscles rise like a trunk of a tree, connecting the muscles of your leg up through your abdomen and into the lower chest. The fibers of muscles of the psoas flow into the dome of the large diaphragm whose contractions and relaxations create the vacuum suction needed for breath. Hence, from a literal point of view, this juncture where the psoas flows into the diaphragm is where mother earth energy through the legs meets with Father Sky energy in the breath. Right here, in the center o the body, we find the core place of Divinity of Self and God. During Session 5 especially, I am working to help this area open physically as well as supporting you with energetic meditation and upwelling. Wonderful things can happen in your life as this area expands physically and energetically.

Inner Light Matrix: Inside the Core Star, Sacred Geometry, Sound-Vibration-White-Light of Peace

My perception is that within the Radiation of Lines of Brilliant Light that Shine as the Core Energy is a matrix of light that has a certain sacred geometrical form and which appears similar to the photos I have seen of the inner workings of stars. In this level of work, the Light of the Inner Light Matrix is equally a vibrational field of sound. As in the Bible, first there was the Word. The Word was Light and the Word was Love. The Word was an impulse of energy and that energy condensed into light and matter. In energy healing work, I am also "hearing" a certain sound or vibration. For this reason, I do not play music while doing sessions. I do not want to be carried away by a mood or following a tune. I am deeply in touch with layers of consciousness and perceptivity which includes sight, kinesthetics, sound and sometimes other modalities. It is not exactly the same hearing as when I listen to the birds chirping at the feeder. The "hearing" has a different quality of vibration and is picked up by a different part of my inner ear-midbrain-hypothalumus connectivity.

When I work with the Inner Light Matrix, you will feel a great Peace, Calm and Balance. In this level of energy, there is a sense of perfection, simultaneous expansion and contraction, perfect balance of What Is. In this Space, all of the opposites find resolution in Harmony. There is an understanding that comes to you, far beyond words, that emanates through your being. This work often will help you resolve issues for which you have simply not been able to solve. Someplace within the Void of the Light Matrix comes a knowing which transcends the mind, our theories and our hypotheses about our own life. Your greatest soul lessons may well be accessed during these moments.

A Final Few Words About Energy Healing and My Work

I am combining many modalities to support you personally as well as a soul on a path. Sometimes the spiritual self sounds very cosmic and unreal and impersonal, so when I write these things, I worry about the disconnection you might sense. There is a sense for all of us when we meditate or move into expansion and touch the Divine that we seem to rise above the surface of our lives, being freed for moments, and in that place of spiritual connection, we rest. Yet as good as this feels, it's even better when you are in your body, enjoying the luscious quality of life and living it. We all came here to enjoy a body and learn our lessons through the body. Actually the more you inhabit your body, with dance and art and love and good food and smiles and tears, the more we feel alive in spirit as well. Body is the spirit made manifest and the Mystery itself becomes far more vital as our bodies become more resiliently alive. Hence I mostly combine bodywork, manual therapy and structural alignment work with everything else I do. Feet like to be open and touch the ground! The Sole and the Soul walk upon the earth!

Our paths go far beyond my comprehension. I have certain skills and sensitivities that can help you. Because you have incarnated, it's important to work with your body, and I have come to feel that that is the fastest way toward helping your soul evolve. Like Dr. Ida Rolf was known to say, She liked to work with the body because it's the part of the soul you can get your hands on. It's easy to see when hips are misaligned, feet collapsing, and necks strained, etc. So by working with the body, all other levels of reality will adjust as the body is a crystallization of all energies. We can work with any dimension, however, as all are like a holographic viewing of the soul-self.

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✌️ Rebecca Coursey