Accepting What Is

Unfolding and the Healing Process

The healing process of life has many stages. The Ten Series is a pathway through these stages and along the way, your body will regain its natural functioning, along with greater flexibility of movement. Whatever is happening in your body is also happening in your mind and heart. The body is also a reservoir of its complete history, since conception on. As the body begins to let go of its past, literally, and regain a more natural and correct posture and functioning, you will also begin to address your life issues with a new sense of self, flexibility and resolve.

I write this section because each person I know, myself included, has major stumbling blocks. These blocks show up in the body and the block also has an emotional, mental and spiritual configuration as well. Hence, in my work, I bring years of experience with energy healing, work with the viscera, nervous system and cranial sacral pulse, and even sometimes basic massage to the table. My work has also been influenced through workshops and sessions in Feldenkrais, Watsu, accupuncture study and treatment, yoga, meditation, Core Energetics and hikomi therapy, depth psychology, dreamwork, training in sexuality and issues of intimacy/bonding patterns, and shadow work -- and more. The complexity of the human being is enormous and the healing -- or coming into greater wholeness and balance -- is a far deeper process than simply adjusting the body. However by working directly with the body, all other aspects of the self come into alignment and clarity as well.

In the first 3 sessions, I am mostly stripping away the superficial strain patterns that you have learned through all of your years. This is true for a child of 7 or 8 as for an adolescent, adult or elder. We all have learned fabulous skills of coping and survival, however, these patterns have also limited our ability to truly shine in our greatness, genius, or beauty. Life also isn't quite black and white, and it seems to me to be more a process of polishing all the rocks and gems of the soul. It's more about walking in balance between our deeper wounds, shadowy lower selves of instinctual demand, and our higher selves wishing to choose and act with love, compassion, honesty, integrity and Light. So in the first 3 sessions, I am helping the body--YOU--unwind the coping mechanisms so that we can have a more clear pathway into the core structures of the pelvic girdle, hip joints, spine, neck, shoulder girdle and joints, and head. As these areas of the core body are re-aligned, a new self-awareness will arise inside of yourself. And with this process, often each person will need to address a deeper area of inner angst.

The core sessions 4 - 7 will find each person letting go of something that was blocking his or her natural core/divine self. Usually a person has a very deep and ingrained attachment to something that is "defining" the self. It's part of the basic core structure of the pelvic girdle, leg joints, and where the psoas arises and morphs into the diaphragm. The heart has also absorbed patterning and hardening of protection in the pericardium and muscle tissues that has lead to a pattern of rejection of life itself and ability to give and receive love or energy of kindness with other people. Because each person has had to learn to survive, one has a cherished attachment to a certain way of life and body that is hard to let go of. It's related to the child wound taken on from the parents, who took theirs on from their parents before them, ad inifinitum. This information is mostly stored in the soft tissue of the pancreas, and the core muscles underlying this are affected as well.

Hence, there is a time in each Ten Series when the person must grapple with something very deep about his or her self. It feels like a huge boulder in the psyche and the body itself has a significant resistance to change. Sessions 4 and 5 actually work with this material,. While the body begins to open up to a more naturally alive empowerment and expression of its Beauty or Core Self or Divine Nature or . . . the right life for you . . . like a better job or finding your perfect home . . . another part of you will grapple with something seemingly unfathomably deep and irreconcilable. However your body and you will work through this deep inner struggle in sessions 6 and 7. This will open the door to a re-organization of the body and self in the last 3 sessions, 8 - 10.

Acceptance of oneself is the essential step that each person must come to in the life process. Many times. It's the point when you take off your own rosy-colored glasses and stand and face yourself. In this place, you no longer try to dodge the issue or put off the inevitable. I think of idioms like . . . "where the rubber meets the road" or "ante up". There has to be an inner reckoning with oneself when you are willing and can really face your own inner dilemma and your own inner shadow, negativity, sabator, self-loathing or some other aspect of self that is killing ones own life in some way.

Acceptance of What Is going on in your life and who you are, both the really wonderful qualities and gifts . . .and the parts of you that are hurt, fear, hardened with anger and hate, and more. . . all of this . . . Somehow we bring both parts of the self to the heart of your own self and to the healing table. Tears might be cried, here or in the privacy of your own spaces. With acceptance of your own self and life comes a breath of peace.

You didn't even realize you were holding onto a deep defense pattern. It's so ingrained you hardlyknow how to let go of it. That's my job, to help you let go of this huge thing that is blocking you from actually living your life with much more ease, gentleness and joy. I help you by deeply unwinding strain patterns in the body which have created resistance and static for a lifetime. And then I help your body to come into its proper alignment and vital functioning . . . because something of a higher vibration of life must replace the patterns that were in place and making life more difficult.

Acceptance of What Is really going on in your life is the starting point for a new solution to arise. Until one accepts the current situation and problem, one has no way to resolve it. Acceptance is a softening like opening the door to your higher self which wishes to live. The resistance that is part of the problem is actually part of what caused the problem to begin with. To solve any problem, a really serious problem, one must find a way to look outside of the existing paradigm that caused the problem. Acceptance is the stage when you stand right on the limiting edge of the problem itself. It is the first time you actually allow yourself to look into the problem and own it. Once it is witnessed for real, you can now turn and face outward. There will be a new horizon. The solution is on the horizon.

These are some thoughts about the human journey of life we are all on and about my own work. My work spans far more than Structural Integration, yet the Ten Series is a profoundly efficient way to greater Wholeness. I do not find it to be the end of the journey if you are on a deep path of self-realization--and many of my clients pursue further healing work with me as we refine the body and delve further into the spirituality of the body-soul-self. For other people, a Ten Series resolves the pain issue and you are ready to go--life in order and much better. It's a fast way to resolve most physical issues that physical therapy or other forms of alternative healing and counseling can't seem to touch. And contrary to the myth, it is not painful. It feels better than any work you've received. It's deep, relaxing, slow and gentle. With each session, your body will respond with more openness, vitality and ease.

Acceptance begins when you stop fooling yourself about yourself. It's perhaps the greatest moment of friendship of your self. Once you've befriended yourself, you might really be able to broaden that circle out into the world with many, many others.

Blessings of joy, kindness, warmth, compassion . . .and beauty.

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